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Introducing to you our friendors!

At Makeup Doyennes, we are always looking for ways to value-add to our clients. Hence, we have collaborated with trusted companies, brands and individual freelancers whom we have absolute zero qualms in recommending them because of their high quality in their craft & excellent service. 


Feel free to check them out for exclusive partnership deals!

VividSnaps - Logo.png

Vivid Snaps


Specialize in Corporate Photoshoot, Event Photography, Videography and Live Streamings

Checkout our exclusive corporate photoshoot deals here!


Ohey Studios


Specialize in Wedding Photography &

Family Lifestyle Photoshoot

Contact us for more details on our special partnership rates!

Sophia _ Trevor PWS The Promised Films W

The Promised Films


Specialize in Wedding Videography

Enjoy $50 off your wedding day videography when you book tgt with us!

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Ocular Kandy


Specialize in Wedding Photography & Videography

Enjoy 10% off Ocular Kandy's services when you book tgt 

with us!

Screenshot 2021-07-03 at 4.20.51 PM.png

6 Diamonds
Specialize in Wedding Videography & Photography

Contact us for more details on our special partnership rates!


Sophia _ Trevor PWS 85 Flowers Partnersh

85 Flowers
Specialize in Fresh Bridal Bouquets, Venue & Car Decorations

Enjoy 5% off 85 Flowers's services when you book tgt with us!

Corrinne Pre Wedding Shoot Makeup Doyennes and Moon Fleur.jpeg

Moon Fleur Singapore

Specialize in Preserved Flower Bridal Bouquets, Hair Accessories, Wedding Favours & preserved floral photo frames

Enjoy 10% off Moon Fleur's services when you book tgt with us! 


Hanz De Fuko


Hairstyling is extremely important for men too! Hanz De Fuko is one of our favourite brand when it comes to male grooming products!

Contact us for more details on our preferential rates when you book with us!


GHD Singapore


Our most TRUSTED hair tools brand that we majorly love. We love the GHD Platinum+ Straightener the most!

Contact us for more details on our preferential rates when you book with us!

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