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All-in-One Package: Corporate Photoshoot, Makeup & Hairstyling Services

At Makeup Doyennes, we provide professional corporate portraiture makeup and hairstyling for clients in both public and private sectors.

We have decided to come together with one of our favourite friendors, Vivid Snaps, to bring you high quality professional corporate portraiture photography to makeover for success. You can look forward to an all-in-one package at a special discounted price now! Do note that limited slots are available, so don't hesitate to get in contact with us if you are interested in this package.

Why Having a Corporate Portrait is Important

Makeup & hair for Regine Chan by our key makeup artist Luna

A professional portrait can help you to:

Leave a lasting impression

That helps to showcase your personality which creates a more personable relationship with

  • Fellow colleagues & superiors

  • Prospective clients outside of your organization and allow them to better identify with your company

  • Future employers for those who are looking for a new environment

And thereby opening new doors of opportunities to your professional career and endeavours.

You can also increase your reach and impact with your corporate profile portrait through both digital and offline communication. We recommend the following channels to extend your reach:

  • Company Website

  • LinkedIn and Social Media

  • Email Signature

Here are the types of Corporate Portraits that we can support

  • Board of Director

  • Business Portrait Photography

  • Annual Report Photography

  • CEO Portrait Photography

  • Department Group Photo

  • Corporate Photo Shoot

  • Individual Profile Shot

  • LinkedIn Photo Shoot

  • Corporate Headshot

  • Staff ID Photo Shoot

  • Corporate Headshot

  • Half Body Portrait

  • Full Body Portrait

  • Executive Portrait

  • Studio Portrait

The importance of having a makeup artist for your corporate photoshoot

The role of a makeup artist goes beyond polishing the final look and appearance in corporate portrait photoshoots. While our primary job is to prepare all our participants in the corporate photoshoot by making sure that all your hair and makeup looks neat and proper as well as toning down any blemishes for the photo, we adapt our work according to the settings too.

Strong lights are usually used in professional portrait photoshoot, hence to prevent you from looking washed out in the photos due to the lightings, we are there to make sure that these are addressed too through using camera-suitable makeup and pro application techniques.

We also create optimal volume in your hair and ensure that any frizziness is tamed down as much as possible to make the entire look more cohesive and appealing for the photos. This can be quite tricky and time consuming to achieve on your own.

Makeup Doyennes Collaboration with Vivid Snaps

Corporate Portrait, Makeup & Styling Services

Our package includes:

  • 1 x highly retouched image.

  • 20 x Complimentary basic edited images. *Extra photos will be at additional cost.

  • Makeup & Styling services

Cost of package: $350 (U.P. $430)

What kind of experience can you expect from our package?

Duration for Makeup & Hairstyling

Full male styling usually takes 45 mins, while female styling can take 1-1.5 hours depending on your hair length. If you would like to prepare your own makeup and would only require a simple touch up, the amount of time required would be around 30mins +/-.

Photo Editing

Vivid Snaps’s corporate photographer will be editing your photos before delivery so you need not worry about it. Edits include adjustments of brightness, contrast and colour correction.

You may request to view samples of the photos taken before we present the final product.

Mobile Studio for Ultimate Convenience

Location is not an issue when you engage our corporate photography and makeup services. You can choose to have your photos taken at Vivid Snaps studio or at your office location too.

For smaller groups, we recommend having the shoot at Vivid Snaps studio for a more cozy and comfortable experience throughout the entire experience.

For larger groups, we would still be able to deliver great results and at your convenient location.

Additionally, you can view your photos on the spot and indicate your preference.

Photos Tagged With Staff ID

For large organisations with hundreds or thousands of employees, having to tag your photos to individual employees can be a hassle.

Vivid Snaps photography workflow allows every photo taken to be tagged to your staff’s name or other forms of identification. This will help to save your time in tracing the photos after receiving the soft-copy.

This service is available as an add-on to our package.

Backgrounds Available

Vivid Snaps will be able to provide the standard black, white and grey backgrounds. You may also choose to opt for a background with a customised design at an additional cost.

All-in-one: Corporate Portrait, Makeup and Styling Package

If you are looking for an all-inclusive package for your next corporate portrait, do get in touch with us via WhatsApp at +65 8661 8606 or email at

Should you like to view more of our works, feel free to let us know too.

With both Vivid Snaps and Makeup Doyennes expertise gained from years of experience and quality equipment & skills, we assure you satisfactory results.

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